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Saturday Critters – Spiders (edited post)

With this collection of spiders I started Saturday Critters Challenge. As in most cases the photos were missed and I needed to edit the post to bring these spiders back to life! 🙂

Upload your photos with critters here. What a Critter can be? An animal, a bird, an insect, a reptile …. Let’s see all the critters in the world! For today, I have chosen spiders. There are about 40,000 types of spiders in the world, living on every continent except Antarctica. And they’re not newbies: fossilized spiders have been found in Carboniferous rocks dating back 318 million years.All spiders are predatory eight-legged creatures that have organs to spin silk at the back ends of their bodies. Let’s see what spiders are in your area!

#1 Green spider

I am not sure but I think  this is Green Huntsman spider

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16 points

#2 Breakfast time

Cross spider devouring its victim

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15 points

#3 Wasp spider

The large spider with black and yellow stripes (broad Argiope bruennichi) is a spiderweed spider species.

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15 points

#4 Cross spider

If you accidentally disturb a Garden cross spider on its web it will use it legs to oscillate itself up and down and shake the web.

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14 points

#5 I see you!

I found this spider in the grass. I do not know its name

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11 points

#6 Garden Spider

Staying with the Spider Theme. Found this little Lady hanging out by my Shed. She was big one almost the size of a child's hand. Harmless but frightening  to stumble upon.

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#7 Crab spider

You get these in all sorts of colours, white, yellow and pink. We often find them on the daisy bush - like this one.

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#8 Almost a silhouette

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#9 Spider

This one was interesting, don't know what it is though.

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#10 Garden Visitor

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Written by Ileana Calotescu


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  1. i was watering the other day and one of those cross spiders starting bouncing its web. It’s very noticeable when they do that. Great shots of all. The green one is cute. and my fav is the I see you one. 🙂

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