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Saturday Critters – Scorpionfly

It is Saturday! Time for new critters. What a critter can be? An animal, a bird, an insect, a reptile …. Let’s see all the critters in the world! For today I chose to show you a strange insect that I found in the Chindia Park in my town. I did not know what this insect is with the lower body like a scorpion’s tail, but wikipedia helped me. ? This is Mecoptera, sometimes called scorpionflies after their largest family. According to Wikipedia Scorpionfly is a small insect with membranous wings and slender, elongated bodies. They have long mandibles. Like many other insects, they possess compound eyes on the sides of their heads, and three ocelli on the top. The antennas are filiform and contain multiple segments. If you want to know more about scorpionfly check here. …I just want to show you some pictures of this insect. My previous post : Saturday Critters – Crows


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Written by Ileana Calotescu



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