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Saturday Critters – Crows

It is Saturday! Time for new critters. What a critter can be? An animal, a bird, an insect, a reptile …. Let’s see all the critters in the world!

Discredited, ugly, ironized, celebrated, adored, pursued, hunted, exterminated, but eventually winner! Did you guess whoit is? They are the crows! The Corvides family, which includes the crows, counts over 120 species spread all over the world.

Did you know the crows are the smartest birds in the world? Much smarter than owls and birds of prey, and much smarter, and more fun than parrots.

The proportion of brain and body volume, in the case of crows, is the highest among all bird species. The only living creature that has a higher brain size than the crow, is the man!

In other words, crows are the smartest creatures on the planet after humans, ranking second with chimpanzees and dolphins!

There are a lot of crows in my town. Here are some of them.

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#1 dinner time!

#2 Baby crow

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