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Sardonyx with heart and in the heart of the Romans….

Sardonyx is a semi-precious stone of strength, protection, happiness and peace. Improves self-control and courage in public appearances and vocabulary. Reduces anxiety and sadness, strengthens the will of the will, improves character and eliminates the negativity of each type. It attracts happiness and love. Sardonics helps establish a harmonious and harmonious marriage.

Source Brazil, India, Russia, Asia Minor. Sardonyx is a mineral of beautiful black-brown colors with white stripes. Because of its chemical composition and structure it is very easy to process semi-precious stone for making jewelry. With its beautiful colors it attracts various generations of customers. 

This gemstone has always been most appreciated in Rome, and on every inhabitant it can be seen some piece of jewelry decorated with sardonyx. The name of the sardonic is divided into two words: “sard”, which is the Greek word for “reddish-brown”, and “onyx”, which means “gem of a vein”. Sardonyx appears in many more colors.

These are yellow, brown, white, purple, gray, sardonyx, pink, green and orange. The basic colors of the “vein” are gray, black, dark brown and red.The inhabitants of Rome, like all others who carry it, believe that the sardonics improves the quality of energy, encourages creativity, self-confidence, self-control and affects the durability and strength of their bearers, whether it is physically psychological aspect.


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Written by Branka Drobnjak

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