Sandia Creek in Fallbrook, CA

I took the dogs to their favorite part of this creek on Saturday. It was a bright blue day and the temperatures were going to be in the mid 90’s at the beach. That means it was too hot to hike, but they still needed to get out and just be dogs. 

#1 Sitting on our favorite boulder.

Looking upstream under the deep shade of a willow tree, it was actually cool. Not too hot. 

#2 Meika, Luna and Penny

Meika (the white dog) was the first to reach the water. Followed by Luna, (the black dog) and Penny on the rock with me. No swimming for her. She loves to just get her feet wet, nothing more. 

#3 The water is very cold, but we all went swimming.

I found out something about this creek recently. This area was designated to be under 150 feet of water if everything had gone as planned. 

#4 Imagine having a lake here, instead of a free flowing creek.

In the 1960's Fallbrook Public Utility District bought the 1,384 acres of this rural property to turn it into a lake. 

#5 But many things got in the way…

And I am so glad. 

War happened. Leadership faces changed, and there was a lack of funding. Legal issues over rights ensued, and environmental interests began to grow the Endangered Species and Clean Water Act. 

#6 Boy is it clean..

Since the 60's this land has been untouched as the plans were halted to build a dam for a lake. 

#7 The Utilities sold the land

To a conservancy and not a housing developer at full market value of $10 million. 

#8 We love it here

Selling the land to a conservancy ensures that this place will remain untouched and the 18 miles of hiking trails opened indefinitely. 

#9 This creek is a free flowing creek

And I am so grateful to have this area to wonder around in, untouched and undeveloped. 

#10 Meika hunting bees.

She knows how to kill them without being stung. This is a fun game for her, but requires much concentration. 

I hope you enjoyed the photos and history. 

Have a great day. 

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