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San Marcos Creek, San Elijo, CA (part 2) Hey dog!

If you missed part one, please click here.

Now for the dogs and their antics!! 

I left off with Luna’s sweet face seen here. Notice even her head is wet! 

She really loves to swim, her favorite thing is to find a deep pool with a place she can just jump into. Her head goes under, she comes up with this big smile! Jumps out and does it again. She found just that. 

To the other side! There must be a way up over there! Meika and Luna thought it was a great pool, and way better this way than to have the water rushing. 

Luna catches up to Meika..

The way out is this way! 

Luna decides its time to turn back, she can’t get out over there. 

Meika is behind that bush out of frame, she is as sure footed as any mountain goat. 

Luna is on her way back to find an easier route over to the other side. 

Now, where are those pesky wabbits? 

They have been in this green grass…

Mom is pointing that box thing at me again…

Awe, the pup finally makes her way down the grass waterfall. It didn’t take her long to find the way down. She has to check out where Meika came out of the water at…

Doesn’t look that hard…Mieka did it.. She went up this way. 

She went up this rock.. Does she make it up the rock? Look at the top of the next photo, see Meika? I almost missed her. I didn’t know she was in the shot until I got home and looked at the pictures. 

Yes, she did make it up that rock., and you can just barely see Meika’s nose. 

The dogs really loved this grass! They don’t see much grass here. Since our drought, the county put restrictions on the water. You can only water your yard once a week for….I forgot how much time. I think its 20 minutes.  Most every house has water tolerant plants now. Grass is not one of those. 

It is funny to see them enjoy the grass so much though. It’s so deep, do you see Meika? 

It is really pretty, I think this is crab grass? 

That’s all for now, I will leave you with an artsy version of the grass falls. 

Did I mention that this fall had four tiers? 😉

Look for part 3 coming soon! 

Thank you for coming along on our hike. 

Have a wonderful day! 


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Written by Kim_Johnson

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