Researcher discover remains of the world’s oldest ancient ship

Sofia: Researchers in Bulgaria have found remaining of 2400 year ago ancient commercial ships from the Aswad Island of the sea. These remains are the world’s oldest ship among all others ships of ancient time in the sea.

According to experts, the structure of the ship parts shows that this ship will be built 400 years ago BC (Before Christ) and at the time when the Aswad Island was in Greek territory and colonies and the goods used to be the largest source of trade delivery.

The statement issued by the Project Director of Archaeology said the ship has found evidence of being the oldest due to Carbon Isotope’s observation of the small part of the ship.

The project director further says that such ships is owned only by Greece and there is also a Greek ship in the British Museum.

The British, American, Bulgarian, Swedish and Greek specialists who discovered the hidden secrets of power and history from the Aswad Island in Bulgaria, discovered the remains of the ship two kilometers below the surface of sea.

Experts say that on the surface of the sea, where a plane is found, and there is no oxygen so that the remaining of the ship can be protected for thousands of years in this area.

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