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Record breaking storms in Southern California

Forecasters believed that a storm from Alaska would drop south and pick up sub tropical moisture, giving us much needed rain for the first storm of 2018. Instead, the storm grabbed warm, moist air from the region between Baja California and Hawaii, and dropped much of it in Southern California, especially along the San Diego coastline where I live.

The rain started monday night and intensified right before dawn on Tuesday. We had huge downpours. We received 3 inches of rain here in Oceanside, and Palomar Mountain received 4. 54 inches. And it’s not over yet.

The San Diego River rapidly rose to 8 feet in Mission Valley.

We also had record winds of up to 71 miles per hour.

Here is what happened to our awning.

This is full of rain.

These just snapped right off. 

And tore the metal right off.

They are supposed to look like this.

It just twisted and peeled the tarp off.

Like I said we needed the rain, but the wind was a little much. We don’t usually get 70 mph winds. Al lthis happened within 15 minutes. After the wind it just poured. Hard.

And here are prettier aspects of the storm, but notice the branches of the tree? They are broken. I got to watch these trees damn near bend over the house. I was a bit worried for a second or two.

But oh the rain left some really good photo prospects, like this petal stuck to the cement patio.

And this one fell off…

Little jewels were left behind..

This tiny spider web was full of droplets.

More drops..

And more…

And the last one.

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