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RasmaSandra ~ Thanks for the Reminder

Apparently yesterday I was less than happy. In fact, after everything was said and done I believe I locked everyone out of my part of the house and took a nap. My husband was concerned. He reached out to Bro to share his concern.  They reached out to a neighbor to see if she could think of a way they could cheer me up, in a way I would understand.

Of course, they were under the impression that it was winter that was bothering me. So with the help of my sweet neighbor, they put together some pictures and information they thought would help me appreciate winter more.  While they were way off with what was bothering me, they were 100% successful in reminding me that they do love me, see me and have some kind of clue that I try.

I am sharing some of them with you.

Snow Man!

Hey! Look at her shoes. She wears the same size as you. Thanks for building us snowmen.

We Know You Hate Thunder Snow…

And it is so much fun to watch you run to your bed and cover your head as if that would help.

Never Eat Watermelon Snow!

It's beautiful. It's different. It even smells great. What makes it pink is algae. It doesn't kill everyone who tastes it. How do we know that? We made you try some do you remember?

You even liked the way it tasted. You said it was sweet. 

Please don't do it again.


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  1. First, let me send virtual hugs to you and I am glad that I could help with the reminder. Those photos are really awesome and I am glad to know that you found out that people care about you and understand you and that they are happy you are part of their world.

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