Precession and Regulus

There is a wobble to the Earth’s rotation, causing a cyclic “precession” of the Zodiac as seen at sunrise on the vernal equinox. The cycle of the precession is about 26,000 years. The canonical number is 25,920 years. Each “age” is 2,160 years. Each precessional season is 6,480 years, and half a precessional cycle is 12,960 years. The precession moves at a rate of one degree every 72 years. All of these numbers are canonical numbers. These canonical numbers are based on 3^2 and 3^3 and 3^4, which are the building blocks of the universe.

The beginning of the cycle is thought to start in Leo. This would make us at about the halfway point, here at the cusp of Pisces and Aquarius. But there is no way to tell where one age starts, and the other stops, as the sizes of the constellations are different. That’s why I think that the star Regulus in Leo is the real starting point of the precession. 30 degrees for each age could easily be calculated after that, and we would always know at what point in the precession we are at. Regulus means “Little King”, but I also think it means “to regulate” as in the precession.

Keeping track of the precessional cycle is important. Major changes happen at the nodes, the beginning, the middle, and the seasonal change points in the precession. A change will be happening at the beginning of Aquarius, and we should be prepared for it. This will be a change in consciousness. What will Aquarius bring? Only time will tell. Not knowing when Aquarius begins, we may already be there. No one knows.


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Written by riverwild

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