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Powerful Storms Rip Through Towns and Force Emergency Evacuation

Spring is the time for rain storms where I live. The amount of precipitation varies from one season to another but each year we know there will be at least a few really big rainstorms. Last night, the rain was coming down hard. Raindrops were huge, and they pelted my garden mercilessly. I worried about the herbs and the vegetables that we have just transplanted.

It seems the worry wasn’t necessary. This morning, everything looks good. And my lettuce plants are really starting to grow! I think they must have tripled in size from when we transplanted them a few weeks ago. Most of that growth has happened in the last few days since the rain started.

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It has been wet here for weeks. But at least we are safe. People in some of the neighbouring towns are not so lucky. Their homes have sustained damage from flooding and some have even been evacuated for safety regions. Even the roads are unsafe. In some places, there have been landslides that have washed away long ribbons of highway.

Nature can be kind or cruel.


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