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Pose it like this!

Shot this during the super moon last November – everyone was looking forward to it so they could shoot the biggest, brightest moon in… (I can’t remember how many…) many many years!  Me included!! Me, without a tripod or any telescopic lens… I thought I would see what I could do with my average-ish camera!

Super moon day comes along (November 20th) and we got clouds all over the sky! Me and my camera went for a drive around midnight to see if I could salvage the situation; midnight because nothing was showing before that, then, just before midnight, the clouds kinda thinned a little. With the help from some trees… I drove around the neighourhood looking for different kinds of tree leaves and branches to pose the ‘huge’ moon with — BTW the moon wasn’t huge, maybe in the Northern or Southern Hemisphere, but not at the Equator. It was a regular-sized moon!

So, I have a few worthy shots here, together with some ‘appropriate’ titles:

This is my ‘Leaves Cradling the Moon’ shot

Next, ‘V’ For Victory

Branch Balancing Moon or Balancing Act

Coming up… ‘Sleeping Beauty’ Brambles Catching the Moon

And finally… Netted!

Hope you enjoyed my little humble collection… Until the next super moon… No, thank goodness, I don’t think we are all supposed to be around for that!  Probably another 57.45 years away, or something like that!  Cheers! 🙂


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Written by ac khoo