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My photos taken on 27-10-2017

I do not have a specific topic. These are pictures taken without a preview. They are made with the camera and the phone. While my husband took a break at a gas station on the trip. I took advantage of taking some pictures. As I photographed in front of a flower-filled house, her owner came out. A preserved lady far older than me. We started the conversation in Spanish, but continued in Bulgarian and Serbian. She was born in Belgrade. He told me about his long immigrant life. But I was surprised by another. She has 7 surgery for cancer and 2 brain strokes. She just went to the hospital for the surgery. She herself was a nurse. Heals his treatment on his own. She gathered in all the languages she knows Encyclopedias for Herbs. She does not take any medication. Believe me, she is such a vibrant woman, if you do not know everything else for her,you will not believe she has experienced such difficult moments. We parted with the promise to come and visit. That’s why I love photography. Meeting people and their destinies.

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