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Petunia – where does the name come from of this beautiful and popular flower?

The genus is named after the word petun – the Brazilian name of tobacco – a hint of the similarity between the two genera. This species is a result of crosses is one of the most common in Bulgaria. The stem is branched and the height of the varieties varies from 20 to 50 cm. The flowers have the shape of a cone, placed singly on short handles emerging from the leaves of the leaves.

The great variety of these species can be reduced to the following groups: Petunia Hybrida Nana Compacta – with low, thick stems and smaller colors; Petunia Hybrida Grandiflora – with bigger colors; Petunia Hybrida Pendula – balcony petunia, with hanging stems. Each group has varieties of single or colorful colors.

Petunia Superbissima is the curly petunia, which has wider leaves, thick stem and significantly larger colors with a wide open throat and a curved periphery. It gives considerably fewer colors than Petunia Hybrida, which are very tender and easily fall off in rain or inadvertent dew. Other requirements do not differ.


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