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Petunia – growing and caring

Petunia is a tender plant that loves warmth and light. To enjoy these plants long, it is necessary to choose open sunspots with loamy or sandy soils, although this plant is suitable for any fertile soil. If the soil is acidic, lime should be imported (from 200 to 300 grams per square meter). When preparing the soil for planting plants it is good to do complex fertilization.

Large Petunia grandiflora petunia are warmer than petals, and in wet and cold weather they can stop blooming. All petunia, however, easily suffer from drought thanks to its root system, which is well branched and twisted on the surface of the soil. Yet, the long absence of moisture implies watering the plants. Pour the petunia abundantly, as there is no problem with excess moisture, but the watering can be done carefully by pouring the water at the base, careful not to damage the colors.

The rain is bad for the petunia because the drops cut the tender colors, and the long rains can stop the flowering.

For abundant and prolonged flowering of petunia, you should regularly nourish the plants. Feeding should begin one week after planting the plants at a permanent place. Every 7-10 days feed the plants with complex fertilizers, preferably with a high potassium content. Fertilization continues until August.

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