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A peice of wood..OR The castle of the Tree queen?

Trees are literally every where. A tree is the most obvious and remarkable plant you will see when you venture outside. People are infinitely curious about trees in a forest or a tree in their yard. Very little of a tree’s volume is actually “living” tissue. Just one percent of a tree is actually alive but you can be assured it is working overtime! The living portion of a growing tree is a thin film of cells just under the bark (called the cambium) plus the leaves and roots. The cambial meristem can be only one to several cells thick and is responsible for Nature’s greatest work – the tree

A few days back, I did , yes I took a walk out in the forest 😉 Found this huge, up pulled tree root system. I saw a wonderful castle of the tree queen OR the wicked tree witch, all depending on my mood 😉 ha ha

Took my shoot, looked at it as I normally do, to find , -hm Heay, this looks interesting… Walked closer to find.

Wow its a grumpy old Ent!! i FOUND an ENT❤❤❤ Yes I am a HUGE fan of Ent’s and by default also Lord of the rings 😉 Can you guys, see him????


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