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Part Two of Los Penasquitos Canyon, San Diego County, CA

For the start of our 6 mile hike click here.

Now for part two. The water!!! 

I left off yesterday with the white dog (Meika) warning the pup (Luna) not to go any farther. 

She takes the warning to heed and turns around. That is a straight drop off! 

You know when you see the Fan Palm Trees that water is very near. Love the giant Sycamores. 

We finally made it down to the water, it is straight up noon! We stopped a bunch of times on the way. 

 See Luna’s tail? She is not waiting around, time for a swim! 

And off she goes!! 

My son decides to cool off as well. This water is ice cold! 

Luna sets off to save his life! She will not let him drown…

This is her job!…  ” I have to keep him safe, he looks like hes sinking!” 

“I almost have him, Ill just get on his back to help!” 

“Well, the back idea did not work! He pushed me off!!??!!” 

“I will swim beside him until we are safe on that rock!” 

My son said it was so cold, he could only swim a short distance and had to turn around. lol 

Imagine being the first here…We ate lunch and spent a few hours at the water’s edge. Time to head back.

We came across the wagon crossing. Notice the photo is straight but the land isn’t… 

It was a great day, and an even more wonderful hike. This is the first time the pup has gone on a long hike.

The cover photo.. I just had to make one black and white. It just seemed to fit..

The four mile mark! Only two more miles.

One of my favorite all time birds is the Red Tailed Hawk.  One flew into the trees and caught a mouse! Amazing how they just barrel through dense branches and foliage, hitting their wings on branches. It seems it would injure them, but she flew away with her catch. 

She left this behind. 

Did you know that my ancestors believed that a feather fallen from the sky was a gift. 

The meaning of feathers signified honor & connected the owner with the Creator and the bird the feathers came from.  When a feather falls to earth, the Native Americans believe it carries all of the energy of its former attachment on a bird to a living being. Feathers are perceived as gifts from the sky, the sea and the trees. Feathers arrive unexpectedly, but not without purpose.

A feather from a hawk symbolizes guardianship, strength and farsightedness. 

Here in America it is illegal to have one of these feathers. This one was a tail feather. You could be fined up to $15,000 if you are in possession of one and not Native American.

All and all it was a great day, lots of fun, and great exercise! 


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Written by Kim_Johnson

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