Osteoarthritis is really painful in any age

I know a lady in my neighborhood aged more than 85 suffering from her knee joint pain for several years. Her orthopedic surgeon has declared it Osteoarthritis which is very painful disease in any age.

I was with her when she last visited her doctor and listening carefully to the doctor. The doctor said ‘the arthritis is one of the most common reasons for joint pains, and a disease which is not just one but it is combination of many diseases’.

Arthritis is in itself is problem that makes life horrible, and if it is Osteoarthritis it is even more painful and makes life even more difficult.

Orthopedic surgeons suggest that it is better to take good care of joints not only in old age but throughout the life which is necessary to keep your joints last longer.

You should take proper care so that you do not suffer from joint pain in older age even if you work physically it is no guarantee that you will not suffer from joint-pain if you’re not careful and exercise regularly.

What the disease can do to your body and effect on our quality of life! The doctors tell about the effects especially when one gets older. However it is wise to stay active and exercise properly if someone wishes to stay away from painful problem in old age.


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Written by Suny Ag

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