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The Old Man and the Sea…

No, it’s not Hemingway’s book, The Old Man And The Sea. Although that is a great read. This old man reminded me of the book. He goes once a day to let the waves splash him. He says it’s Natures Jacuzzi. NO matter the weather he is there once a day.

He wears an old black trench coat, to protect him from rocks, shells or other things that wash up in the surf. A lot of people think he is homeless, the tourists call in daily to the police to have him rescued. He is actually a millionaire and is quite eccentric, and very smart.

I had a long discussion with him as I walked up and asked if I could take some pictures of him. This is his beach. The boulders were hauled in for a beach wall and wave break here as the tide is coming in farther and farther than in times past. The ocean is taking over.

This is lifeguard tower number 7. This is his place between number 7 through 9.

The high tide is just coming in, and it is very high. In the shot below you can see the rip tides if you know what to look for.

Time for my new friend to arrive..

He picks his way through the jagged rocks to his favorite sitting spot, and finds his seat. He says this is a good place because the boulder in front of him protects him somewhat.

Just then he is fully engulfed in the waves splash. I almost missed him in the frame I was so excited.

I zoomed in, yes the picture is blown out, but I liked it anyway.

Rip tides are strong..

And Splash!

The waves are so strong..

He shouts at me, “Did you get the shot?” lol

Yes I did! Although the white is blown out, I had to share this. Check out the next page!

Page two.. There is usually a sandy beach here. This was one extreme high tide. Later that night it went over the road.

The Oceanside Pier in the distance..

Meika and my son at the tower.

That moment when you know your going to get wet…Meika closes her eyes and waits for it to hit.

Dog abuse!!!

Here is the looking down the beach. Only strong swimmers here. We don’t have warning flags like most beaches do, to warn people of strong currents. It’s swim at your own risk.

Just a wave shot..

And a tiny bit of sand here. There are actually stairs under the sand that are supposed to lead to the beach..

And for the end, a pretty kite! I think he noticed me.. lol

Hope you all have a great day!


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