No dicamba in Arkansas

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Farmers in Arkansas are having problems in dealing with crop failure due to a pesticide called dicamba.  Dicamba is a weedkiller manufactured by Monsanto, but the chemical has some problems that is damaging the agriculture throughout the state of Arkansas.  

Dicamba has immediate side effects when the chemical comes in contact with a person such as muscle spasms and a person’s skin could turn blue.  Also, the pesticide kills other crops that are not genetically modified by Monsanto to be dicamba-resistant.

Instead of fixing the issue with dicamba, Monsanto sued the state of Arkansas claiming that the Arkansas State Plant Board is corrupt and illegal due to private interest groups.  Monsanto claimed that this governmental board was acting as a lobbying group.  Monsanto won the circuit court hearing, which reverses a ban that the State Plant Board placed upon dicamba.  The ruling has been appealed by the State Plant Board.  In the meantime, people in Arkansas will be affected by the use of dicamba.


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  1. It is quite appalling what this company does. It is no wonder that the European Community refuses to allow genetically modified crops – it would lay European agriculture wide open to the sort of tricks that Monsanto performs.


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