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New Zealand Birds by water or sea – part 1

The list of New Zealand birds by water is endless. Each bird has a part in the ecosystem and they have different levels on the food chain.

So each animal or life form is different from each other and the environment lives in a balanced fashion. If it is in a place where there are no introduced species that threaten some of the species.

If say for instance you live in a country Where there are no original cats or stoats, and you have birds that nest and live on the ground. The cats thrive and those birds will die because they have no defence.

This has happened to New Zealand and the very reason why many bird species are now extinct and some are an endangered species.

Some of these are around the world but happen to live in New Zealand and if they were introduced, became part and part of New Zealand today.

Gannet Flight

Gannets are fast fliers and great fishing birds. They dive headfirst in the water at an impact of 140 miles an hour. 

They have inbuilt biological crash helmets and at least 2 eyelids to protect their bodies when they enter the water at speed. Their webbed feet act as flippers and they get their fish fast. 

At the same time, whales may also be feasting on the fish as well as seals or sharks or dolphins.


Gannets live in other countries as well, some of our gannets migrate to Australia for at least 2 years. 

Gannets live in South Africa. Perhaps they live in your country?

They are wonderful birds.

Common Red Billed Sea Gull

This bird is common world wide sea bird. It's a typical scavenger.

A magnificent flier .

Their young fledglings are spotted. 

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Sea Gull, A Black backed Gull

A Black Backed Gull is twice the size of a common seagull. It also migrates to Australia. 

The young Black Backed gull is brown and after 2 years of life it looks like this bird.

It's a scavenger like the common seagull with a lot more clout.

They all have their specific place that belongs to them, until another bird wants to push them off their turf.

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White faced Grey Herons

This is a wading bird in mud flats. They eat small fish and small crabs and anything that is edible in the water. 

They live in pairs and have their own place on the mud flats

Royal Spoonbills

Body like a Heron but wears a spoon at the end of its bill.

Great birds. Interesting looking eyes. 

I believe these birds migrate as well. Some live in Australia

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Oyster catcher.

This is a plain black oyster catcher.

The main ones are pied.

They pick at life inside the sand or the mud. What ever is there. 

White Faced Grey Heron flight.

These birds are magnificent fliers and marvellous to watch. 

Royal Spoonbill flight

These are marvellous fliers and make a wonderful display. 

Oyster Catcher flight

They make a pipping sound as they fly.

They are nervous birds and flighty. I believe these are in other countries as well.

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