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New strain of Monsanto GM wheat escapes lab, grows in wild


Let me explain what is in the video so that you do not have to watch this video from The Resident at RT because she goes on these aggro-rants that make little sense.  The manufacturing firm that is owned by Bayer known as Monsanto also owns about 60 to 70 percent of the seeds throughout the world.  The seeds have been genetically modified (GM) by Monsanto, which means that their seeds have been dipped in RoundUp, the weed killer.

The seeds are dipped in weed killer so that the main ingredient in RoundUp, glyphosate, permeates through the crops so that insects will not eat them.  However, glyphosate, a chemical that causes cancer, has been shown to cause non-Hodgkins lymphoma in the users of RoundUp.

Please fill out the petition to have RoundUp taken off of hardware shelves around the world.


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