New Born Pukako and Recent Images

During the Covid lockdown, our wildlife came to the door step and decided to beg us for food offerings..

The Wildlife being, Ducks, Drakes, Ducklings, Pukakos and the one in the thumbnail is the 2nd baby Pukako. We live next to a park..We also get Sparrows, Pigeons, Starlings and Greenfinches..Seen the odd White eye in winter, the odd Tui and fantail..

These are a selection of birds. This baby Pukako has been bitten by another bird on its foot and currently limping, but the parents are the best healers..It should recover because the Pukakos are excellent parents and in many ways sometime better than some humans..Very attentive and they show everything they do in very great detail. 

The Pukako only eats what they need and with some food they use one foot like we use a hand. They are finicky and particular. 

#4 Pigeons.

Don’t underestimate the humble Pigeon. They arrive on mass and that is how they get their food as a Pigeon mob.

However, when I have food they will fly hovering to deflect any food thrown to another bird. They also try to get inside the house and will eat out of your hand. 

I have come to respect this bird. 


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Written by Pamela Moresby

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