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Nature Tuesday – Our friend the Pukako

Recently we have been befriended by a Pukako as he or she came when I fed the birds in the morning, and he is more than twice the size of the sparrows.

He grabs a bit of bread and dunks it into this paddling pool . I got the padding pool because one of the water pipes burst underneath the concrete, fortunately we do not have to pay for the water or the work done. It was a while until the work men got the job done, and with the excess water, I put it into kiddies paddling pools to make good use of it.


What do you think?

Written by Pamela Moresby


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    • Totally different from most birds, the Pukako only eats a little and allows the other sparrows to finish off what he doesn’t want.
      He picks up his foot with his foot and eats it daintily, this bird almost has table manners.
      Thanks for the comment Carol.
      Funny he even dunks the bread into muddy water as well before eating it.

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