Nature takes Control

Over the years there has been a proliferation of ‘flat earthers’;  my name for those morons who are anti-vax and don’t believe anything sensible, scientific, but will hand their minds over to a clown like Donald Trump.

These ‘flat earthers’  do not ‘believe’  in Covid 19.  

My view is that they don’t have to.  

They should all rally at some enclosed venue without masks or social distancing.  

In this way, natural selection will prevail.

As the infection rate soars in those ‘red’ states, even those rural ones, owning a funeral home is extremely profitable.

Nature is taking control and getting rid of those unnecessary polluters.

In every plague there have been survivors and often society races ahead, i.e. moving from Dark Ages to Renaissance after the Bubonic Plague, taking scientific leaps after the Spanish Flu.

Getting rid of flat earthers is positive for the planet.


What do you think?


Written by jaylar

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