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Nature Memories: In the Shadow of a Big Tree

During the current state of lockdown which is going to last until May 15th in my country, I obviously can’t go out and enjoy spending time in the middle of nature, so I have to limit myself to recall some great moments from the past in which I was impressed by the greatness of creation. One of these special occasions was a visit to a dendrological park în which I could admire a remarkable diversity of plants, many of them brought there from remote parts of the world.

As far as I remember the highlight of that hot weekend afternoon in the company of nature was represented by the moments spent near a giant tree whose scientific name was Thuja Plicata D.Don, an evergreen coniferous tree native to western North America which seemed to integrate very well in the fascinating background of the park.

The feelings I had when standing in the shadow of this huge tree and looking high up towards its crown were of astonishment and admiration at this majestic display of nature’s strength, and I also realized that the world around us is full of wonders, some as big as the Thuja Plicata D.Don, others a lot smaller, but if we keep our eyes and especially our minds open many of them will reveal their secrets and their full splendor to us.

Anyway, those days of nature trips and great time spent outdoors are only a memory for the time being, but I am confident that they will return and I’m looking forward to living such great times of exploration and discovery again!

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