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Nature Brings Me Back To Life

I struggle with a lot of problems in life, but my mood goes up and down a lot, so that means that while I  frequently plumb the depths of emotion, I also scale the heights as well on occasion. Take last week, for example; I had one or two wonderfully blissed-out, transcendental moments. There was one day in particular when  I was on my lunch-break at work, and went to the park near my office.  The weather was warm and sunny, a beautiful day. I walked round and then went and hugged a tree (I started doing this some time back, and find it very beneficial). I felt so alive then, with all the lovely greenery around me, the fresh air in my lungs, the sun on my face, and the strength of the trunk. I could feel the “grounding” power of the tree going into me as I lent against it. It was a revelation: I hadn’t felt so good in ages, so alive, so present. It seemed like perfect happiness, just being there, that time, that place, and not need anything or anyone else. But then the moment passed, time moves on…..

However moments like that are precious; they help my general well-being, my mindset. I know that the more often I can feel like that I am raising my vibration and coming into alignment with my desires and life purpose.  I felt that in that moment I could make all of my dreams come true.   I know that the more I can stay in that timeless, blessed state, the more I can create and manifest what I want.

So I need to recapture that state as often as I can, and being out in nature usually helps me to do that.  It is the only way.  It is ironic that in order to be happy, you really just have to be happy! I mean, we frequently try to do it the wrong way round – we try to get things to make us happy. But really, it is the opposite – we need to be happy in order to get things.   But then, paradoxically, you don’t really need to have those things if you can be happy without them, do you?  It is hard to achieve such a level of enlightenment though, where you can need nothing else to make you happy, just to be alive in the present moment.






What do you think?


Written by Maggie Bailey

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  1. It was very interesting to read how interacting with nature helped you. The more we are closer to ourselves the more we are happy. But the road to the inner self takes time, effort and intuition. Nature, with its harmony and energy, gives strength and inspires us. I try to visit beautiful nature spots as often as I can.

  2. Only people who are interested in the search for true self, or at least try to align themselves with nature who generally do such things. The essence is to be close or united with nature where we are actually nature itself but feel separate. Of course, people like you do not rely to everything outside yourself to stay in bliss.

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