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My Pictures for Today 17-03-2018

Due to the fact that the site does not go well I will upload some photos I have made in recent days. And the fact that it is not known when I can get in again. There is no specific topic in them. There are flowers, experiments that we do not stop right to explore the new camera. And of course pictures from my favorite sea. And another detail. I can not show you pictures of the panorama of the rocks at sea because they are bigger and here on this site does not allow me to download them. I’m sure I already echo you, but that’s my hobby – photography. And I like the pictures. I wish you a moment of pleasure with them. Thank you for taking some time to look at them. Have a nice weekend.

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A woman from the old house

She sits conceited. Although the view in front of her is incredibly beautiful. This house is literally 3 meters from the sea. She is drowned in her thoughts and she does not care about this sight.

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