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My beautiful flowers

Look at these beautiful flowers!

This is the royal geranium and it blossoms on the water terrace. Incredible beauty!!! Gentle colors. Not in vain is this geranium called royal. Beautiful, proud and pretty capricious my geranium. To grow such flowers, I have a lot to try and look after them, but the result is so wonderful

Here is more information about geraniums

This is one of the most popular potted plants, and the reason for this – lush flowering, which can continue until late autumn or even before winter. There are about 250 species of the genus Pelargonium originating from South Africa. Carl Linnaeus gave the name Geranium to the first 20 species brought to Europe, and it was then fixed after all the genus of these plants. There are three groups of geraniums that gave rise to hybrids, which today are especially popular as ornamental plants: P. zonale pelargonium, large-flowered geranium, also called P. grandiflorum or Geranio imperiale, P. hederifolium pelargonium. In addition, there is also a fragrant geranium, which is used in the cosmetics industry and in perfumery.


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Written by Olga N