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A tiny tour of the flowers blooming in my yard right now….

The first is my Hibiscus. The name of this Hibiscus is Clair de Lune and means “moonlight”. 

This is the second bloom that has bloomed since I got it a month ago from Home Depot’s clearance shelf. It was sad looking at first. I wasn’t even sure what color it was going to be when it bloomed, the card fell off long ago. 

I decided to show you all how pretty it is. Just beginning to open..

To this.. It is a tropical Hibiscus. 


I couldn’t help it, here is one more. 

Then this hen and chick succulent.

A fuzzy one I got off the plant at my daughter in laws house.. It is also a type of hen and chick. 

And this striped succulent that my son brought home one day..  It has babies that come out on the stalk and fall off, by the thousands… 

Pansies.. And a flower I love because of the smell, it is in pink and called Flock. 

The top off of a pineapple is on the left side, while it’s baby is on the right. The baby will give me a pineapple this summer and the parent plant will give me one in two years. It takes longer for a top to give fruit than a baby.

And have you ever had to deal with pests in the garden? Here is my number one nemesis. TRIXIE my cat, they are supposed to be herbivores right? Or are they an omnivore? Has anyone ever had a problem with these rare pests, I mean pets… Looks innocent enough right?

You will see what I mean.. my Trixie loves her veggies. Here is my best looking Broccoli plant. 

More Broccoli..

I know, looks great right? lol


She claims innocence… 

And you could almost believe it..

 If I hadn’t caught her in the act several times.. AT first she wouldn’t let the paparazzi in, now we are up to three snaps. This is the limit.. lol 

Thanks for taking time to look at the flowers and stuff around the house, and of course my silly cat. 

Have a great day! 


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  1. My cat seems to love my bean plants when they are small and has destroyed many. I started putting little wire cages around them until they get big. It seemed to help when I planted some cat grass which he seems to prefer. It might improve your situation. Trixie is not fond of cameras it appears … carnivore though I’m pretty sure.

    • Great tip, and thank you. I had already thought about putting wire around them until they get bigger, its the new ones coming up from seeds she prefers. I was hoping she would just stop on her own. Everything I touch is game to her.. my scent? must be good to eat then, and no she hates the camera. lol.

    • Great idea, I shouldve thought of that. I know that would help, she looks like a cow eating the regular grass from beside the fence. Cabbage leaves dill and parsley, I can do this. I can make her her own garden! Thank you so much for the tips.

    • Thank you Robert, I am glad you liked them. Trixie is one of three helpers I have here. Sorry you dont have one now. Maybe it’s time? About the home depot, I love getting the end of season markdowns. It was 25 dollars, but when I got it I spent 2! Just a little love and water is all it needed.

  2. Crazy cat, loving broccoli!. My cat does no harm in the garden, In fact she’s supposed to keep the rabbits and hares out, but the hares are twice her size ๐Ÿ™‚ I do love hibiscus. It used to be my son’s favourite flower, I think because it sounds like ‘biscuits’ (which means ‘cookies’ over here!)

    • I know what you call cookies.. I wonder how many people for Europe come here and order a biscuit. Man I bet they are let down for sure. lol Hi Biscuits, how precious. With all the greenery around there, they probably have better greens to eat, which makes Elenka’s comment really seem like a great idea. CAT GRass!!


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