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Monsanto Corporate Issues Lead Chris Samuel resigns


Even people that work for Monsanto cannot defend their own practices.  Chris Samuel has resigned from his position as Monsanto’s Global Corporate Preparedness and Engagement Lead at Monsanto’s headquarters in St. Louis, MO.

His job was to keep the reputation of the company at a high standard by defending all of Monsanto’s practices.  However, he finally came to his senses and realize that nobody should defend Monsanto as the company is facing over 18,000 lawsuits due to their weed killer known as Roundup.

Roundup has a chemical known as glyphosate that causes cancer.  In three cases completed so far this year in California, Bayer, the owner of Monsanto, has doled out $2 billion (USD) in litigation.

Why did he really resign?  Well, the first case against Monsanto has begun in Missouri.  In the other three cases, Monsanto executives only had to give video depositions to the state of California.  However, since Monsanto is located in Missouri, the executives would have to testify in person or Monsanto would lose their corporate license within this state and within the USA.  This resignation proves that the products made by Monsanto that are on shelves all over the world are really indefensible.

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