Monday's Walk

I guess I could say, I hike because I have to! There are a few reasons, I really love the outdoors, taking pictures, getting the dogs out and I’m trying to get in shape! 

I have three days off work each week. I only work part time, this gives me plenty of opportunities to get out in nature. 

My weekend starts on Monday. I usually plan a hike for one of those days, but this week I decided, since I didn’t have much to do this week that we would do three little hikes. 

On Monday, my son and I took the dogs to a creek we found on Google maps that is not too far away in the same town I live in. 

Here are a few pictures as the sun started to set. 

#6 Luna

She is looking for Meika.. It was starting to get late afternoon, and she didn't want to swim anymore. The creek is between her and her best friend. Luna gets cold easily and starts to shiver.. She's learned to stay out of the water when the temp starts to drop. 

#9 The moon

I will leave you with the moon as seen on Monday. I hope you enjoyed our little afternoon walk. 

Do you know what caused the holes? I see them on almost every hike in San Diego County. 


What do you think?

Written by Kim_Johnson