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Why Metal Recycling is considered Godsend for you and Mother Earth?

Since the beginning of mankind, humans have been littering the earth with various kinds of materials. Initially, most of the materials were biodegradable; but with time, non-biodegradable materials, like metal, also started to feature in the list of pollutants.

While stopping waste from entering the environment, is not in our hands always, but, reducing the levels of metal pollution, definitely is. The entire Earth is littered with metal waste of different nature, from aluminium coils to copper radiators. Recycling the various kinds of metal waste is one of the ways that we can help reduce pollution.

Discarded batteries of all sizes and shapes are another type of pollutant littering Earth. Recycling this waste has multifaceted benefits for both humans recycling them and Mother Earth.


    The various kinds of metal waste that can be recycled includes copper scrap, steel cans, cast iron utensils, brass scrap, batteries and much more.

When you start searching for scrap, it is important that you separate them into ferrous (iron) and nonferrous category. For that, all you need is a good magnet.

Any metal that sticks to the magnet falls under the ferrous category like steel and iron while the rest is non-ferrous which includes aluminium, brass and copper to name some.

Once you have categorized the scrap, then you can call companies and scrap yards that help to get the scrap off your hands and recycle it.


    As discussed, it is an impossible task to stop people from littering, but we can definitely play an important role in removing the litter. All you have to do is find the metal waste. There are various companies who take care of the recycling part. Some even offer to pick it up from you for free.

So, why would metal recycling be a blessing? Here are the reasons:

  • Conservation of Ore:

    Earth has a limited source of metal ores and the levels are getting depleted at a rapid rate due to over-mining.

Recycling metal can help reduce the mining of virgin ore as recycled metal will provide readily-minted metal for instant use, cutting down the need to mine for ores.

  • Monetary Benefits:

    Scrap yards and various companies search for metal scraps. If you have the metal waste sorted out, they are willing to pay for your scrap, leading to monetary gains. How much you earn depends on the kind of metal you are selling. Scrap copper price will differ from the price for scrap steel or brass.

So do some research before selling off your metal scrap, make sure you know the prices.

  • Environmental Benefits:

    Apart from the fact that recycling metal reduces the amount of metal waste from the environment, recycling also has other environmental benefits.

Amount of greenhouse gas emissions during the production of new metal from mined ores is much higher compared to a number of gases released during metal recycling. So by recycling metal, we can reduce greenhouse gas emissions considerably.

Recycling metal also uses less amount of water and produces less mining waste compared to the production of new metal from mined ores.

  • Conservation of Energy:

    New metal production involves various steps – drilling for the ore, refining the ore and finally manufacturing the metal. All of these steps require a considerable amount of energy but for recycling metal products, the required amount of energy is comparatively much lower.

So, recycling metal scraps present a chance to conserve energy which can be used for other purposes.

  • Job Creation:

    The process of recycling metal involves many steps.

Thus, metal recycling has the ability to create a higher number of job positions compared to sending the metal scrap to an incinerator or landfill.


    Yes, metal recycling is definitely a boon. Not only is the earth cleared of metal pollutants, but the person sending in the scraps for recycling, stands to gain money in the process.

So, it is time to get up and do something for Mother Earth and in the process help oneself. Waste no more time, find a good magnet and get to metal scrap searching.


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Written by CaitlynBell