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Macro Monday – Monarch Butterfly

This little Butterfly was released yesterday because its wings became stronger, in winter if they hatch I release them in the morning so they get a chance to survive.

This little Monarch is half the size of most of them.

If you release them in the evening and it’s cold they will drop to the ground dead. During the day when it gets cold here, they climb into a nearby bush that shelters them from the cold.


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Written by Pamela Moresby


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  1. Yes, Tasartcraft, I am raising Monarch Butterflies because in NZ they are the easiest butterflies to raise. I plant our type of milkweed which is a NZ Swan plant for food and sometimes take them inside in a bucket so their predators don’t get them or else when it gets too cold for the caterpillars…
    thanks for the kind comments


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