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Macro Monday – A winter Monarch Butterfly newly hatched today!

I raised some Monarch caterpillars inside as the temperatures went down for winter. I had one Monarch Butterfly hatch today, and an unexpected pleasure to see.

This photo is taken with my cell phone. He doesn’t get released until tomorrow until I see his wings are strong and he is able to survive. I had a bad experience where a praying mantis killed one in the past because he wasn’t able to fly probably. So I make them strong first.

Yes, in the middle of winter in Auckland on a winter sunny day, I sometimes see a Monarch Butterfly in flight. 

I never release the Butterflies in the afternoon when it gets colder as the Butterflies fall with the colder temperatures and they die. A free butterfly will take time to shelter inside a bush to shelter it from the cold.

In some parts of New Zealand there will be a tree or bush where the Monarch Butterflies congregate and keep each other warm. I have heard of these places but never seen them yet..

Now I am not a true Macro photographer for I don’t have the equipment to do a proper Macro photo but I use what I have, which today is a cell phone to get what I want to show. 


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Written by Pamela Moresby

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    • Yes, it is quite easy Ghostwriter. I put swan plants in the ground or what you call milkweed. The Monarch butterflies like it and one does not need to do much at all. I have been doing this quite a while so I have learned a lot about them by raising them.


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