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Lunapic Effect On A Sunset-The Effect Night Vision And Much More

I decided to go to Lunapic which is a Photo editing site and find something interesting to edit. I came across one of my sunset captures that seemed like a great choice. Sunsets are always interesting in many ways. What thoughts come across your mind when you look at the sunset I just edited. 

Like in the photo, the photo edit is called Night Vision. I think it stands for something interesting beyond all things. Sunsets never cease to amaze me.

Comment your feeling when looking at my Night Vision capture.

I may have posted this before but not sure, so I apologize if this post is a repeat but the message is different. It is about looking beyond the beauty of something and seeing much more. Nature is a wonder!

Image Credit- LaJenna

With Lunapic Effect called Night Vision


What do you think?

Written by LaJenna


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