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Lovely places in small but beautiful Bulgaria Part II – Emen canyon

The pictures are very close to me in my Motherland. They are made with a mobile phone and are original.

The Emine Canyon is a canyon of the Negovanka river (the right inflow of Rositsa, from the Yantra Basin) to Northern Bulgaria, in the Middle Fore-Balkan, between the Plateau Ploughna in the West and the Turnovo Heights to the East in the Municipality of Veliko Tarnovo. The entire canyon is a picturesque antecedent gorge.

The breach is divided into two parts. Upper Boaz and Lower Boaz have a total length of about 5 km, among them in a small valley extension is located village Emen. The average altitude of the two canyons is about 228 m. The upper boaz starts about 3 km northwest from the village of Novo Selo, 302 m above sea level, it heads to the northeast and after about 3 km ends southwest from the village of Emen at 238 m above sea level. Its average altitude is about 270 m. The whole gorge is full of Apt and Ugros limestone, with the surrounding slopes steep, steep, some 50 m high, with many waterfalls and caves. The lower boaz starts immediately northeast of the village of Emen, at 225 m above sea level, it is directed to the northeast and after about 2 km ends at the tail of Negovanka dam at 180 m altitude. Its average altitude is about 200 m. The whole gorge is common in Apt and Urgos limestone, its steep slopes are steep, somewhere steep.

This section reveals the most beautiful part of the canyon, and there is also an eco-path that runs along the entire length of the Lower Boise. It starts with the Emen cave, located on the left bank of the river, passing through the waterfall “Momin skok”, where is the narrowest part of the canyon and ends at the bottom of the Negovanka dam. By order No 880 / 25.11.1980 the Emen canyon was declared a protected area.

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