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Los Angeles County Files Lawsuit Against Bayer's Monsanto


Los Angeles County in California has filed a lawsuit against Monsanto this week.  The lawsuit claims that chemicals used by Monsanto called polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB) have contaminated every body of water in the Los Angeles area.  However, Monsanto claims that the PCB’s are relatively harmless to the environment.


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    • California first has to prove that RoundUp was the cause behind the PCB’s before they can ban them. This case isn’t about money, but to ban the PCB’s and to get RoundUp off of their shelves.

      • no, they just need to pass a law prohibiting the use of PCBs in the state. they might have to prove that roundup contains PCBs…

        and stores can just refuse to stock roundup. in fact, I don’t know why they haven’t already…

        • They have to go the lawsuit route because Monsanto has been lobbying for over 50 years for keeping their products on shelves all over the world. All of the laws that protect can only be overturned by either Congress, which will never happen since their pockets are lined by them, or by lawsuit, which is the only viable option for change.

    • They should be able to win the case as they will have before and after photographs on how the chemical affected the environment in Los Angeles County. Los Angeles has the worst smog in the USA.

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