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A look at the sunrise behind the rocks

I love the sunrise. Not because they are the beginning of the day or because they are a sign of revival. Because then I’m alone. I like to watch the sunrise sitting on the beach and there are gulls around me. I love the sunrise, because the light that the sun that has just risen is sparkling in darkness with pale shades of orange. I love sunrises – not so much because each of them is different, but because at sunrise the sea is calm.

I love watching the sun rising because I have the feeling that I can swim across the sea and touch the burning sun disk by hand. I love the beauty of the sunrise, because when the sun shows a little more than half, it takes the form of a small portal, and I awaken to crave the bright sun path and enter this solar door.

I love sunrises, because in the morning the sun is the weakest, yet lovingly touches everyone who watches his rise. I love sunrises – not so much because they bring hope, but because I like the beautiful silence on the beach.

I love the sunrise. Not because the night is gone, but because the sunrise makes sense for my day. I love sunrises not because I get up in the morning with ruffled hair and half-closed eyes and run quickly to the beach but because, while watching the sun rise just like that, from nowhere I feel a particle of the universe.

And there is no greater feeling than that.

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