Living in nature

Living in nature, changes you as a character.I am born, raised and  grown up in a big, boisterous city.However circumstances changed that, and it is a few years now that I live in a village.

I have noticed many changes in me, at first I hated living here so I paid no attention to any stimulations outside of my microworld. Recently though, especially after quarantine was imposed and then I was forced to stay inside my house with my family and could only walk nearby my home – I started paying more attention to what is around me.

We live in a beautiful world.

We have come to change it, to alter it, to disrespect it.This is bad.We do need cities, we do need technology and scyscrappers but we also need flowers, we need unconditional sun, we need alive creatures around us (well not spiders, or roaches – at least not near us :))

I always admire a good photo, sometimes what a single photo can reveal a whole lot of stuff – even without words. But I also believe in words. It is a blessing to be able to ‘deposit your soul – your thoughts’ and to be able to pair it with an image (and if it is your original image, even better)

So, since I recently discovered that my old phone actually can create pretty good macros (for an old phone at least) and until I have money to get my self a decent camera) – I will be posting some of my macros and some of my thoughts.

I thank you all in advance for being here and for taking time to visit my blog.

Some of my personal photos/thoughts lovely community about my city


What do you think?


Written by katerinaramm

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