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Lilac Fire Update

I live about five miles away from this fire. Since Thursday night they have held this fire back. I say good job to our Firemen! They are the best of the best.  I took some pictures the first day from my mom’s house and will show them to you along with an update so far. 

The Lilac Fire is currently burning in North County San Diego County in the town I live in, Oceanside, California. The photo above shows the heavy smoke from the front door to the house looking North/East taken at 11:30 pm on Thursday morning. The fire started at 11pm on Interstate freeway I15. 

Witnesses traveling south on the I15 freeway report seeing a piece of metal hanging off of a truck and dragging, creating sparks, which shortly fell off into the brush on the West side of the lanes. 

With the hot dry Santa Ana winds blowing westward toward the ocean and our lack of rain for a few months this created a fire which burned 4100 acres the first day and remained out of control by the end of Thursday. 

We were under a suggested evacuation where I live. My son and daughter in law were under a mandatory evacuation and the fire was one mile from their house. They came here to wait for further instructions. 

By Friday morning the Santa Ana Winds had died down and our coastal breeze took over helping the firemen contain the fire to 10% by Friday night. 

Saturday some of the mandatory evacuees got to head back home, my son and daughter in law among them. No damage was done to their house. By 7pm the fire was 50% contained, 4100 acres burned and holding.

These photos are looking North/West. 

Looking straight up. 

Looking North/East.

Looking South/West.

Here are the numbers so far. 

1,000 Fire fighters were on the ground.

20 aircraft making water drops.

Fire officials made 100,000 calls to residents that were in the path of the fire suggesting they evacuate.

10,000 residents were under mandatory evacuation. 

No reported lives have been lost.

4,100 acres have burned.

6 people have been reported injured. 

46 Race horses died at San Luis Red Downs Training Center. 

450 horses were boarded there at the time. 

360 have been accounted for. 

90 are still missing and thought to be in the hills. 

182 homes were lost. 

23 homes were damaged.

1,500 structures remain in threat. 

50% Contained. 

The Santa Ana winds have picked back up and are expected to reach 20-30 miles per hour Sunday. 

We are still watching this closely and hoping it gets put out soon. Thank you all for the prayers, thoughts and well wishes. : )


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Written by Kim_Johnson

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  1. Prayers for your safety and tender care. We were in a fire alert a few days ago. I knew something was wrong when the sky was a hot pink mostly throughout the sky. At first i saw some parts of the sky that made the trees look like a painted wall, but then later on I saw the hot pink sky. I think the alert has been lifted. It scared me, so I can just imagine how you must be feeling, since yours is much worse.God keep them all safe!

  2. Glad to hear that your son and daughter-in-law and also their home are in good condition. Hopefully, the situation is more secure and controlled, but you should also remain vigilant and anticipatory against all possibilities, Kim. Hmmm… though I’m sure the luck is on your side…

  3. What a pretty name for such a devastating phenomenon – Lilac fire. We are far less in control of our environment than many of us like to think. I’m very happy your son’s house has remained undamaged. Of course it’s not over yet, but great that, despite all the damage, there has been no loss of human life, as far as we know. Fingers crossed till your next update 🙂

    • The unincorporated area where the fire started is in Lilac. Yes, pretty name for such a mess. The fire is now 75% contained!!! : ) Everyone is heading back home, those who still have them. Amazing no human lives were taking huh? Thank you for commenting and following this fire.


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