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Life is Simple, Just Add Water!

I love taking photos of water! Like the sky, there are never two alike. I really love reflections.

Symmetrical and asymmetrical balance is fun to try.

Symmetrical balance is observed in Mirror Images. Symmetry cuts the photo in half, making each side the same.

I also love asymmetrical photos too.  Asymmetrical uses informal balance. Instead of mirror images or an equal weight on each side of the photograph, the image is balanced by the creative use of size, tone and from the subjects within the composition. Each side of the photograph, in turn, becomes equally weighted regardless of their differences.  Here are some of my photos and observations. Once you train your eye to see reflections a whole other world opens up for you. You notice reflections everywhere.

I will start with the symmetrical ones. Cattails…

Meika swimming..

The rock and palm shadow..

And the trees..

Even a dead branch can be beautiful..

One tip is make sure there is natural along with the reflection. The one below just shows the reflection. You wouldn’t know it was one if I didn’t mention it. Only if you look closely you can see the natural bank on the foreground.

This is the same tree.

Here are some Asymmetrical ones. Which I tend to like the best.The one below is an actual swamp in San Diego California.

The setting sun.

The tone and the movement of ripples on the water with cattails reflected.

Check out the second page!

Ah, reflections.. Make sure to take hundreds, and pick out the best ones when you get home. Can you see the bird?

Sunshine on the ripples!

And this one for the last.. Hope you enjoyed these snaps.


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  1. An important description of the balance in creating works of art. Personally, I am less fond of symmetrical artworks, especially drawings and paintings for the reason of “less flexible and predictable”. Therefore I am reluctant to use software that directs the concept of being symmetrical. Observing and enjoying your photo works on this page, I feel that you are able to grasp the equilibrium flexibly and beautifully, both for the symmetrical as well as the asymmetrical. This is amazing!

  2. Absolutely lovely images. I would love a wall calendar out of these images. you can almost hear the water gurgling and tinkling as it flows. The first one and the branch one were the best in my opinion.

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