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Let’s watch the sunset!

I sat watching the setting sun and just kept clicking…. Have you ever seen one of those sunsets where you just couldn’t take enough photos?

Below are 10 simple rules that go well with these 10 simple photos that I took at the beach.

The first one is:    Be shore of yourself.

The second one is:    Come out of your shell.

The third one is:    Take time to coast.

The fourth one is:   Avoid pier pressure.

The fifth one is:    Sea life’s beauty.

The sixth one is:    Don’t get tide down.

The seventh one is:    Let your cares drift away.

The eighth one is:   Harbor strength and persevere.

The ninth one is:   Adapt to changing tides.

And lastly:    Don’t be shellfish.


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Written by Kim_Johnson


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