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Let's meet woodpecker

Do you know about this little bird woodpecker ? This bird is also describe in the Muslim religious book The Holy Quran, which reports to prophet Solomon about Yemen’s situation.

The main feature of this bird is to peck the tree. Woodpecker is generally known by the 80’s popular cartoon series woody woodpecker cartoon, who made it popular in every particular and common way. Woodpecker is found in every continent except Antarctica continent. It can also vertically climb on the tree. While grabbing the wood, they hold it firmly with their feet and after that it begin to peck.

Woodpecker wood peck has 3 reasons. Wood pecking is a source of interaction with each other. While wood pecking, they convey their messages through specific sounds. Apart from this process, they reach insects living in the different branches of the tree and make it their part of diet, while giving eggs, they make holes in the trees.

A variety of woodpecker preserves food for winter in these holes, while wood pecking these birds feel big shocks, However, after digging wood so tightly, they are still fresh and healthy and their head does not hurt.

Actually these birds have soft tissues and air pockets due to which woodpecker are protected from any harm.


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  1. When I lived in Latvia many of the cemeteries on the outskirts of the city of Riga were home to woodpeckers. It kind of brought about sadness in the quiet of a cemetery hearing the pecking of a woodpecker somewhere high up in a tall pine tree.

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