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Let’s Meet Native American

There are many tribes in the world but Native american tribe is quite unique and where living, culture, and way of life make more unique this tribe, Native american also known as american Indians. This is picture based article and we will show you the basics of the native american.

1. Native American Living Style

2. Native American Home

3. Death – Tribe fellow Hour of Sorrow.

4. Native American Bride. Perfect beauty with simple way of life.

5. Native American traditional dance where group head dance in front of guest to their tribe.

6. Native american A dance performer dancing for group of People.

7. Singing song with famous flute.

8. Native American Beauty – Perfect beauty in simple make up

9. Native American Traditional Food

10. Native American – Traditional Flute

Thank you for Watching.

Note: Photos are my original collection during my visit to Arizona with a social team for documentary.


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