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Let Nature Feed You

Something that I loved to play with and to walk around with in my childhood was known as the cattail or bullrush. They are most commonly found by lakes and small swamps. The cattail has a soft texture and can be used to create baskets, mats, and torches. Their shoots can be harvested and eaten raw to get a healthy dose of carbohydrates and vitamins The roots are also ground into flour.

Back in Latvia, my garden gave me salad. In the early spring, many dandelions would grow. It is a shame that many people consider them weeds because they are so delicious and edible from the flowers to the roots. When they first spring up it is the best time to dig them out and take the leaves and soak them in water to remove some of the bitterness. Afterward, you cut up the leaves with the flowers and make salad any way you like it. If you like you can even make Dandelion Tea mostly using the flowers.

Anywhere that you can find dandelions you can also find Shepherd’s Purse. Its younger leaves are also tasty and you can also eat the seed pods.

Lamb’s Quarters are relatives of quinoa and can be eaten the same way that you would eat spinach. They offer a lot of protein and carbohydrates.

Prickly Pear comes from the cactus family and is common in the southeastern U.S. Once their needles are removed they are ready for consumption and it is highly nutritious.

It is important to learn about how nature can feed you so that any time you are camping or spending time in the great outdoors you know that you can find food to eat.

Photo of me with wildflowers and cattails


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