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Legend of chrysanthemums

I wanted to find wonderful and interesting information about these amazing flowers. There is no house with a yard in my native Bulgaria where they are missing. With so many different colors and combinations they are stylish interior in gardens Now I am giving you to the chance to read about the Chrysanthemum Legend.

He lived in ancient China a cruel mandarin, robbing the poor people mercilessly. A young lad was indignant at his demeanor, and everywhere he began to speak that a fight had to be struck against him. Mandarin soldiers caught the young man and he was sentenced to death.

The girl who loved the young man went to the mandarin, who had fallen on her knees and asked at least one day to postpone the death sentence. He so begged him so heavily that he finally touched the strong love. Mandarin cut off a flower bud from the bush nearest to him and handed it to the girl. He told her to take her and the next day she broke up and blossomed, he would postpone the execution of the death sentence for as many days as there were petals in that color.

The girl took the bud and went home. All day, she not only spilled but also unfolded the leaves so that a wonderful color would be obtained. In the morning the girl took the flower of mandarin. Surprised, he started counting the leaves. He was admired by the beautiful color, and because he could not count the leaves, he freed the boy.

Not in vain, the chrysanthemum is a national flower of China and Japan. The Japanese Order of Highest Merit is depicted chrysanthemum with sixty rays.

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