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Learn From The Flowers ~ 365 Photos Challenge #98

This Adenium is diligent flowering in a place that gets plenty of suns. It looks bright and beautiful, right?

Flowers are a sign of nature that gives lessons. It shows how a being should exist in this world. Also how the creature or someone should behave to show its self.

Flowers are the names we give them and to say their beauty or the beauty of someone. Flowers, whether fragrant or not, even with the foul smell remains to be itself, what it is, never attempted suicide because the minder is more frustrated because of shame.

We recognize and admit their unique of beauty or their unique fragrance or both, even though they do not ask for it, let alone look around to spread its charms. If it is fragrant, then it must smell! Their beauty and lustre are given to anyone regardless of their creature; animals, jinns, or humans, good or evil, let alone just skin colour, tribe, religion, or social class.

Flowers are the main pollinating chains. Stamens and pistils are the source of life for survival. Pollination is a principle of independence and the truth of the principle itself.

Luckily humans generally like flowers, then they suppose to be easier to learn from it. Learning to be complete independence and interdependence, tough, to believe in, to spread goodness to anyone and everything without seeing the difference. It is very important because that is the principle of independence and the truth of the principle itself. As they don’t bother anyone, we must learn to love and not killing others just for the sake of survival, for the sake of one-sided truth, let alone for the sake of pleasure.

If you have any other lessons you have learned from interest, please teach me or share with us.

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  1. I think everything in nature has a lot to teach. 🙂
    It’s about connecting the dots, comparing ourselves to other creatures, like you did.
    In fact, we all descend from the same being, creationists will say God and evolutionists will say ancient bacteria, but in the end we all agree on the same truth: we’re all linked to each other.
    I really enjoyed your insight about flowers, I think it embraces acceptance and self-acceptance, something we often require to be more present on this planet.

    • Adenium is unique. For me, it is special because Adenium is very beautiful made bonsai because of the stems and roots form. I also have some that I get from the seeds, but we have to be very patient to wait for the stem to swell big like a bottle. Hey, it looks like your hand is favoured by plants.

  2. I adore the flowers. There is a holiday in Bulgaria called Tsvetnica. Palm Sunday is a moving Christian, religious and people’s celebration that is celebrated both in the Orthodox and the Catholic and Protestant churches one week before Easter

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