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Last hike of 2019

We set out to hike this canyon a few days ago, but never got to go hiking… It was at the base of our Cuyamaca mountain range, under the slope of Volcan Mountain. There is a beautiful creek and waterfall down at the bottom of this canyon. We had set out to spend the day. 

After a 45 minute drive we pull to the trail head parking lot. There was orange tape up at the entrance. Interesting. We didn’t think much about it, as the trails around here are often closed for some reason or other. 

This time they were serious. We got out of the car, and went to check the trail out before we unloaded the dogs. Good thing too. The picture below shows what we found. A drop off, straight down to the bottom of the canyon. 


Beyond that fence there was what used to be a trail. 

#2 A wider view.

So, this was not the place to hike. That waterfall will have to wait. 

We got back in the car and found a place to pull over to just let the dogs out to run. 

#3 Green grass and a tree downed by lightening

I don't know when this fire happened, but it was recent. Meika came back black or really a dark silvery grey. Can you spot the tree that was hit? 

#4 The dogs had fun.

In fact, I didn't see Meika until it was time to go. 

#5 She just is’t like us.

Luna and Penny looking for Meika. They can hear her, but she is too far away from the peoples.. "We can't go THAT far."

#6 The tiniest mountain goat..

Penny loves to climb. She climbed up this, with no help at all. And stood there posing while I took the shot. lol 

#7 The tree

I mentioned that the fire fighters must of caught this fire just in time. The swath of land that was on fire was only a few feet on each side of this tiny canyon. Probably about 1-2 acres burned. I don't even remember this being on the news, but it happened over the summer. 

The dogs got to run. Meika got to chase rabbits. They all had a blast, and that is what was important. 

Hopefully they will find a way to open the original trail. I want to see that waterfall! 


What do you think?


Written by Kim_Johnson

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    • Thank you Sandra. We managed to get off the road about a half a mile, it worked for them. They had a blast. In that photo your are talking about, they had heard the wolfdog running through the brush but she was too far away for them to leave our side.

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