Do you know the mosquito story?

Do you know washing your legs or taking a bath before going to bed helps to remain safe from mosquito’s related diseases?

Wearing light colored clothes is safer than wearing black or dark colored clothes because dark colors attract mosquitoes!

Easy way to stay safe from mosquito related problems

Take a bath or wash your legs to stay safe from various mosquito related diseases!

According to the research the wings of mosquitoes work as antenna and recognize the released chemicals from human body by smell.

They say it’s the deadliest creature in the world

To stay safe from mosquito related diseases you should wash your legs before going to bed.

The latest research conducted by scientists that mosquitoes get attracted to the activities of the human and heat released by human body.

Apart from this smell the mosquitoes also get attracted to carbon dioxide released through humans’ breath and motivate them to suck blood.

You know that I hadn’t heard this before but I am willing to give it a try. I prefer not to wear a repellent as I don’t think applying toxins to the skin is healthy. What about you?


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Written by Suny Ag